What is AvaLANche-Chat?

AvaLANche-Chat is a cross-platform LAN chat application that doesn't need any servers to run. It is based on QT4, thus it runs on Linux, Windows, Macintosh among others.
  • Intuitive interface,
  • Private chat,
  • Public chat,
  • File transfer between users (files up to 4GB).
  • Checking delay time for specific user (ping),
  • Checking users' IP number,
  • Formatting messages (font face, as well as style, colour and size),
  • Changing background colour and font,
  • Transparency of application window.


29.06.2006 English program version (v0.1.1)
22.06.2006 English home-page version
14.06.2006 AvaLANche-chat v0.1
28.04.2006 Start of implementation
03.03.2006 Start of project, preparations (docs, docs,...)


Public chat

Private chat

Configuration window

It works even under Windows


User's Guide (PL)
by GJMP and PKW. Web browser with enabled pop-up windows and JavaScript (ver. >= 1.2) needed.

Class documentation (PL)
For project developers,made using Doxygen, Source code available in the Download section below


Binary for MS Windows (contains all needed libraries and user's guide):
AvaLANche-Chat.v0.1.1.win.rar (3.3mb)

Source code (contains class documentation and user's guide):
AvaLANche-Chat.v0.1.1.src.tgz (3.7mb)


This application has been created for collegiate programming course under the careful eye of Krzysztof Drozdowski. GJMP came up with the name of our team, and n0rn designed the logo.
   And why "The Avalanches" ?? Simply because it is connected with what we like doing in our free time most - going to the mountains. It was during one of those trips, when GJMP, sitting beside a fireplace in a youth hostel and drinking tea with rum, came up with the idea to call our team like that.
   The symbolics of logo: every little circle represents each and every one of us individualities, and the Earth sumbolizes united powers of our team.

Currently the project is being developed on Sourceforge.net


We have been studying at Wroc³aw University of Technology in Poland
-> faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology,
-> field of study:Informatyka
-> specialisation::'Mathematical informatics'

Folks that have taken part in the project:

  • Team's name.
  • Description of system's requirements (documentation).
  • Help with work schedule.
  • User's guide (screenshots, texts).
  • Help in GUI "Program configuration" (implementation).
  • A man who hasn't dysorthography.
  • Boss of the team (supervision of whole project).
  • Work schedule.
  • GUI's "Users' list" (implementation).
  • GUI's "File transfer" (implementation).
  • Project's home page.
  • Team's logo.
  • Use cases (documentation).
  • GUI's "Communication - chat" (implementation).
  • GUI's "Program configuration" (implementation).
  • GUI - connecting all parts into a working program (implementation).
  • A man who even foresaw an exception that occurs when a user doesn't have an operating system.
  • Physical data model (documentation).
  • Message specification (documentation).
  • Communication class (implementation).
  • File transfer (implementation)
  • Supervision of class documentation.
  • QT::master.
  • Logical project.
  • User's guide (engine, screenshots).
  • Exception class (implementation).
  • MS Windows installer keeper.


Tiger - for helping to get us to third year =) and help with debugging
Black_Jean - a women's touch in the team. It's her contribution that interface looks like it should =).
Darti - for help with testing and translating program to English, valuable remarks on user interface and making hardware available every time we needed Without it, most of the code would never be written.
Przemo - one of the most brutal of testers. Bugs found by him were astonishing us, because "they should be there" (przemo, 1Gr is on the way, when we finish studies, we'll pay it out).
Wikiri - for help with testing.
Buch - for translating this page into English.